Trifork Operations AG Switzerland

Manage complexity & control IT

The world is a complex place, and our job is to make it less so. We make your challenges our challenges, break them down into smaller chunks and convert them to specific processes, actions and solutions – of course always based on informed decisions.

We strive to make these solutions and processes transparent and tangible for you as a professional market player so that you are free to focus on the core of your business.

Trifork Operations and the whole Trifork Group are built around the people who are employed by us – but who really work for you. We believe that customer intimacy, involvement and cooperation are key to creating value and consistency in a complex reality.

We understand that our professional needs needs are different with regard to vertical niche, positioning and company culture. Therefore we can deliver and operate a solution that fits your business perfectly.

At Trifork Operations, consultants, developers and decision-makers work closely together to be able to act with agility and efficiency. In this way, you and your business will benefit from proximity from decision to action.

Close your gap between agility and security now!

Our company will support you to operate your software and IT-infrastructure at your highest level.

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