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Agile benefits

Economic dynamics and increasing environmental requirements have led not only startups but also medium-sized and corporate companies to rely on agile and lean methods. Modularized software packages that can be updated at any time have largely replaced monolithic software packages with their rigid life phases and enable customer-oriented and flexible adaptations at any time.
Kubernetes in particular allows easy declarative orchestration of containers (Docker). Together with integrated CI/CD workflows (Flux, Jenkins, ArgoCD), DevOps becomes possible as a seamless interaction of development and operations.

Microservices can thus be quickly adapted to market, customer and regulatory needs without interrupting the overall application.

…bring new challenges

These advantages of DevOps do not fall from the sky and must be bought with new challenges. On the one hand, the concept provides for continuous intervention in operations – quite the opposite of the recommendation “never touch a running system”. Automated tests and adapted “agile” quality assurance are therefore indispensable.

The new agile software delivery processes are also virtualized, abstracted and delocalized. They are difficult to grasp. Because of the greatly increased inherent complexity, this makes troubleshooting more difficult. As regularly demonstrated by prolonged outages of renowned service providers in Switzerland and worldwide, dependencies on interfaces and on global platform providers have risen sharply.

Our approach to close the gap

Observation as a Service is the starting point to create valued based processes (ITIL v4) with a DevOps attitude. System events are automatically processed, filtered, evaluated and prepared in real time and corresponding context-relevant reactions (with predefined variety) are triggered automatically or via our Network respectively Security Operation Center.

Relevant data is systematically collected, filtered and contextualized to produce information and trigger actions that help you optimally manage your organization.

With a dashboard (single plane of glass), even complex and heterogeneous IT environments remain transparent and controllable in real time at all times.

This approach not only reduces downtime, but also allows you to react to new environmental conditions or internal or external regulatory requirements without touching the underlying processes.

Your developers can develop freely, while operational security is optimally guaranteed. We close the gap between agile software development and secure IT operations.