Cloud platforms

Swiss Enterprise Cloud Platform to master your complex reality.

Swiss Enterprise Cloud Platform to master your complex reality.

Managed Cloud Services & Infrastructures

We offer full industrial grade corporate infrastructure setup and management, enabling you to outsource parts or the whole IT- and cloud infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure as a Service / Software Defined Networks
    • Compute
    • Storage
    • Networks
    • Firewall
    • Load Balancer
  • Platform as a Service
    • Application Environments
    • Kubernetes Cluster
    • Database Services
  • Software as a Service
    • Custom Software Operation as a Service
    • Vendor Software Operation as a Service

We are capable to transfer your legacy applications and systems to our Cloud Platform. To achieve this we prepare architectures which take care of network, integration, observation and security demands.

Swiss Cloud Operation Centers

We operate Swiss and international data centers to grant you highest data autonomy and stability:

  • Cloud operated in a Swiss Tier4 data center.
  • State of the art operation and maintenance.
  • Single Pane of Glass approach to manage and operate multiple and hybrid clouds and to manage the fitness of legacy applications.
  • Open and extendable hybrid cloud management system to integrate different cloud typs.
  • Georedundant setup as option

Our Swiss Operating Centers set environmental performance standards.